BCO "Angels" 
(September 2015 to Present)

Major Contributors
($500 & over)

Del Colbeigh Estate
Theresa O'Connell
Barry and Joanne Peters
Julian and Lee Shepherd

($300 -$499)

Lynn and Allyson Aylesworth
(with matching funds from IBM)
David and Christine Banner
Jeff and Carol Barker
Timothy Perry and Ute St. Clair


In memory of Lloyd E. Bayles
by the Bayles Family
Linda Best
Daniel and Gina Buckley
In Memory of Lawrence and Cecelia Kendrick Burns
Donald Costello
Dona Lee and John Denninger
Drew Deskur and Leann Lesperance
Doug and Mary Diegert
Mary A. Diegert
Ruth Fisher
Arthur and Ellen Goetzmann
Martin and Carrie Kay
Alicia and Karl Kuehn
Kenneth and Laura Lattimore
The Myers Family
Tamara Nist
Cecily O'Neil and John Patterson
James and Christina Palkert
Nathan and Suzanne Raboy
In memory of Ted Ronsvalle
by Patricia Ronsvalle
Lana Rouff
John Ruth
Robert and Rene' Schmidt
Fred Shaheen
(with matching funds from IBM)
Steven Shultz
Vincent Smith
Jeannee and David Sperber
Zoe Zerwekh


George and Sally Akel
BAE Systems - King Wiemann
Elisabeth Bartz
Carolyn Blake
Bruce and Nanette Borton
Dennis Chapman
Scott Clarke
Eric Donaldson
Dana Gleason
Arthur and Ellen Goetzmann
Jean Hebb
Susan Hoffmann
Helen Insinger and Phil Tomashek
Barbara Kaufman and Paul Sweeny
Michael and Rachael Leonard
Harry and Betty Lincoln
Joanne Maniago
Joseph Matis
Lucia Nezelek
Kathleen Redmore
Leland Roseboom
Diane Runion
David and Dorrenne Schriber
Henry Slechta
William and Rosemarie Snyder
Stephen Stalker
Brian and Constance Sternberg
John Titus and Cynthia Krendl
Arthur and Ann Weissman

(Up to $49)

Lois Bare
Jack Carmen
George Cowburn
Anthony and Patricia Creo
Beverly and James Eggleston
Jeanne Fenzel
Barbara Garges
Richard Heinrich
Katrina and Shawn Kemmery
Jacquelin Kovacs
Beverly Kresge
(with matching funds from IBM)
Fred and Constance Lamando
April Lucas
Ethal Molessa
In honor of my sister, Cecily O'Neil
by by Philip O'Neil
William and Margaret Sands
John Solan, Jr.
In honor of Samuel Spector
by by Selma Spector
Christine Coveney Stallman
Marian Timson
Curtis and Donna Wood

Please consider becoming a BCO "Angel" today.
No gift is too large or small & your contribution is tax deductable.

The BCO has an operating budget of about $20,000 per year. Our expenses are primarily covered by the generous donations of our contributors, by program advertising and by tickets sales. We could not survive without continued support from BCO “Angels” like you, and for that we sincerely appreciate your generosity.

Thank you for all your support!